I know, I know, there is a 99% chance by the time I hit the "Publish" button on this post it almost definitely isn't Thursday. Call it flashback Friday if you will, Sinning Saturday / Sunday - do you what you like, really, I personally shan't be lying awake at night thinking about it - it's Thursday right now when I'm typing this bit, okay? 

Everyone happy? Good. Then we will begin.

Unsurprisingly, a vast majority of my most memorable nights (or not very memorable after a few drinks) have been Saints of Sin centred. I have reels of videos and photos which have never made it to the surface - some for good reason frankly - I know there are plenty of Mums and Dads reading so we'll keep it PG (I've since rewatched some of said footage and now realise the lie that this will undoubtably become, but I'll be gentle with this first one).

And with this weekend being a gig at Volume 17 at The Brickmakers Norwich which was a bit too far out for my taste, I thought this would might be a good replacement.

We gon' take it back. Way back.

Back to my first ever S.O.S. show. The 4th March 2013, a support slot at The Joiners, Southampton.

The only reason I can recall the exact date? This oh so eloquent tweet courtesy of yours truly...

...Anyone think I might have taken that hashtag a little too seriously? 👀

Some friends from uni and I went to the show to practice using our camera equipment for one of our projects. I can remember clear as day, turning up, seeing S.O.S. on stage setting up with bandanas, brightly coloured / animal print jeans and some hella 80's hair..and thinking...those guys look absolutely fucking ridiculous.
This is going to be super cringey, I'm prepared to make good use of my earplugs, and I'm definitely looking forward to crawling back into my bed and eating pizza.

Then they played.

And then I got it.

As so frequently and quickly do opinions change with this band, even to this day.

As a matter of fact I was talking about exactly this the other day with my Dad (hey, pops, love you!). We were at a show waiting for S.O.S., looking around at the middle-class crowd of young children, parents, grandparents etc.
Dad: "Hmm not sure how S.O.S. will go down with this crowd..."
Me: "Have you ever seen a crowd not enjoy S.O.S.?"
Dad: "...Good point."
I tell ya, you've gotta watch the transition. Genuinely just watch the crowd at a gig. It's brilliant. It doesn't happen straight away, it's gradual, with each song they play.

Take a local of a venue / pub that has frequented said venue / pub every Saturday night for the past 8 years. They start the night looking at S.O.S. the same way I looked at them at my first show (albeit the jeans are slightly less snug, so there's less to look at in that area).

But I can guarantee you that you'll find them giving it large to a Bon Jovi cover later, headbanging along to Animal, and taking it upon them self to walk on stage to shake each band member's hand mid-song after 10 or so pints... (any idea why this always happens??..)

So I implore you - invite your Nan, your girlfriend, your nephew, your boss, your creepy uncle (actually maybe leave him at home) - live shows are the ignition switch. Sure - play the album at full volume through your walls until your neighbours get so fucking sick of it they post turds through your letterbox, but it's the live show where you'll get 'em. Promise.

Sorry, back on track.

I had a good dig, and I found footage from that first ever show, from the very camera we loaned from uni.

I looked at this and thought over FOUR YEARS ago?!? Nearly had to get the calculator out and check.

I watched it back last night (it's Friday now - LET ME LIVE OKAY) and I realised quite how far they've come and the proud mother feeling started seeping in. How on earth real mothers don't actually implode with pride is baffling to me frankly, this faux-band-mum life is tough enough.

That show I went to as a saint and left a sinner, and never looked back.

Except right now...where I'm looking back...God, technicalities, ey?

I realised also, that only 23 days later was their first ever Joiners headline which was a sudden massive step up.

Can we talk about this heavy ass fucking camera which I held up for a full hour set, only for the SD card to corrupt??? Typical.

...We've all aged like a fine wine, right?..

Speaking of booze, time to get a beer.

Have a fab time at the Volume 17 gig this weekend if you're heading over, I expect a detailed report by the end of the week!

Class dismissed ✌️


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