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So it's 12.45am on a Sunday morning and I've just spent £10 to use the domain name SecretDiaryOfASinner.co.uk for the next year. Why, I hear you cry? Bloody excellent question, really.

I've been spamming my poor friends and family on Facebook with pictures and posts about Saints of Sin for well over 4 years now. If I'm being honest, and if you ask any one of those friends or family members, I bang on about them in real life just as much, if not more frequently (sorry) (not actually all that sorry). Realistically, that ain't about to stop any time soon.

HOWEVER - big fat bloody however - I thought it high time I actually put said posts and pictures into some sort of coherent...diary-esque format? 

With this being my first post I should probably link you to Saints of Sin's Facebook page because what kind of Sinner would I be if I didn't do a bit of promo, 'ey? To be fair, if you've got as far as clicking onto the blog and read alllll the way down here, odds are you already know of them in some capacity.

So. Straight off the bat I would like to address the most common question I hear with regards to my musically fueled escapades. The conversation usually goes as follows..

Friend: Up to anything this weekend?
Me: Yeah, got a gig!
Friend: Oh is it that band again?
Me: Yes, Saints of Sin.
Friend: Haha, don't you get bored of seeing them??

To clear things up - absolutely not, no. To date, when writing this post, it's been 78 shows. And still, not even a tiny bit.

Friend: But it must be boring with it being the same songs every time!

Think about it. Think about that song that right now you LOVE - bloody can't get enough of. Live it, breath it, ask every damn DJ for it, would eat it for fuckin' breakfast if you could. Bet you've heard that at least 50 times. Sick of it yet? How about that film you love? The one you watched when you were a kid, maybe - how many times you seen that, then? A killer book - reckon you'd ever get bored of flicking through those sweet, sweet pages?

It's like all of those things. But better. Because no two gigs can ever possibly be the same. Songs are added, taken away and moved around. One filthy guitar solo will be completely different to the next. Crowd interaction, different venues, different crowds, different locations. And don't get me started on when singers throw in those new notes that come outta damn no where, oh giiiiiirl

As well as all of the above, you watch each member of the band grow, both musically and personally, as time goes by. Which is what has made me the proud-mother-cried-like-a-baby-when-I-heard-the-new-album person I am today. 
Throughout all the shows we've witnessed birthday's, line-up changes, relationships, many many (MANY) shots / pints be downed, illness & injuries (see last point for cause)... When all is said and done, S.O.S. have become great friends of mine, as have fellow Sinners, and as a result (despite having exactly zero input), new music, shows, fan art, being SIGNED AT LAST - everything somehow feels a tiny bit like my own personal achievement.

S.O.S. are not the first band I have followed so religiously, and if I know me well enough they shan't be the last either. I have travelled through counties, countries and continents to see bands play, and made some of my absolute best friends through doing so. There is nothing more I would wish for someone, than to have a hobby, a pastime, a THING that makes them as happy as bands make me, because it is truly the most magnificent feeling.

So again - just to avoid any confusion - not bored. Not at all.

Thanks for checking, though.


  1. Abso fuckin lately couldnt agree more 🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘 I've only been a sinner for 3 years but I listen to one or the other of my S.O.S. CD's almost every day and get to gigs when ever I can (only 6 so far as I have a very demanding job the album preview party at the Talking Heads was AWESOME!!!!) and am hoping to see them aģain in August.
    Love the blog. It's a great idea for those of us who can't attend as often as we'd like πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Natalie Spencer30 July 2017 at 07:12

    What a fab idea you beautiful animal. Glad you've done this! Can't wait to follow your posts, love it �� xx

  3. Sarah McClelland30 July 2017 at 09:32

    Love it �� Love it �� Great idea you are clever hun�� I to get that question "don't you always get bored watching the same band" No I don't cos if you find something you love n feel passionate about you'll never get bored �� Love being part of the Sinner Family it's now in my blood forever ����������

  4. Great blog! Gonna share it far and wide - there's nothing more powerful than someone speaking from the heart. What's so great about S.O.S is not only their musicianship, amazing live performances and incredible song-writing but it's this huge, devoted, amazing band of Sinners that's grown up around them and which we've all become a part of. You've captured that so well. Will be a dedicated blog follower! xxxx


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