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S.O.S. @ Poole Harbour Festival - 29/07/2017

As Sophie said yesterday before the show - Saints of Sin wouldn't be playing a festival if wasn't raining.
And true to form, despite what some may expect for July (it is of course still England), the heavens opened throughout the day. The beauty of Poole Harbour Festival, however, was that this stage was under the cover of a tent. 
A blessing even more so yesterday, as about 3 or 4 cameras were on stage from 3Ms Music filming the set and the crowd. I looked around the tent, and shows like that one - with the crowd packed in like sardines, singing (shouting) every word - feel like S.O.S. headline shows, and you can just about taste the potential in the air.
Amongst the dancing, whooping, hollering and screaming from us all, I also managed to take what I believe to be some of my best S.O.S. photos to date. I'll keep this one short and sweet and leave said photos to do the talking for this one. Also please see the very last photo - can we talk about the new and snazzy merch stan…

Welcome to the circus...

So it's 12.45am on a Sunday morning and I've just spent £10 to use the domain name for the next year. Why, I hear you cry? Bloody excellent question, really.

I've been spamming my poor friends and family on Facebook with pictures and posts about Saints of Sin for well over 4 years now. If I'm being honest, and if you ask any one of those friends or family members, I bang on about them in real life just as much, if not more frequently (sorry) (not actually all that sorry). Realistically, that ain't about to stop any time soon.

HOWEVER - big fat bloody however - I thought it high time I actually put said posts and pictures into some sort of coherent...diary-esque format? 

With this being my first post I should probably link you to Saints of Sin's Facebook page because what kind of Sinner would I be if I didn't do a bit of promo, 'ey? To be fair, if you've got as far as clicking onto the blog and read alllll the way down here, o…