New year, new circus ride 🎪

Welcome back!  My first post this year - we're already two whole months in, but just because I've been quiet here doesn't mean S.O.S. haven't been smashing 2018 out of the park.  Before we go into that though, here is a little montage I put together looking back at the incredible year 2017 was for the band and us sinners.

Enough looking back though and more looking forward!  The first gig of the year was at a regular haunt, a small pub in Swindon called The Queens Tap - or perhaps it isn't all that small, but with S.O.S.'s ever-growing fan base, it's certainly feeling more and more snug each time they play.  It was lovely to welcome in the new year with some new sinners, and of course catch up with some familiar faces too after the holidays.

The next show for me later that month was a hugely exciting one at Decadence London at Nightclub Kolis - a perfectly themed club night of glam, sleaze and hard rock fit for S.O.S. on any day of the week.  A shorter set th…

She's a biggun'! - HRH Sleaze

I had one week a couple of months back that was a real fuckin' shitter - so utterly god awful that I didn't know how I was going to get through it. Most of us often find comfort in friends, family or even food during these times, and I was not short of any of those things, particularly an overwhelming wave of love and support from some incredible people in my life (you know who you are - love you).

Along with all of the above, there is of course the other big love of my life - this damn band. So I did what I do best and headed straight to the events section of the S.O.S. Facebook page. The weekend ahead of me was empty, which nowadays is pretty much unheard of. On a whim, I popped Sparxx a message to see if there was anything yet to be announced.

As luck would have it, S.O.S. had only managed to bag a headline support at the second stage of Hard Rock Hell's Sleaze festival at the O2 Academy in Sheffield. I looked at the website and realised how huge this was, and started pla…

Ode to The Chill Bar

I thought I'd Google the definition of "ode" before going off thinking I'm Charles Dickens and publishing this post, and frankly it is exactly what I'd hoped I'd find.
Ode // əʊd noun
An ode is a poem that is about one specific thing that you think is truly amazing and praiseworthy.
And damn, ain't it just.

There's something in the air in Ilfracombe. A nice relaxing weekend, in the heart of Devon - you imagine picturesque scenes of the sea and the countryside. And you wouldn't be wrong, to be fair. That's exactly what you will find - and I implore you to visit this town, because you will not regret it.
Of an evening, however, something changes. Perhaps it's the way the wind blows, perhaps the residents of the quiet town are just born with it in their veins. The beauty of the harbour and the cliffs remains, but the night time certainly shines brighter.

Here's me praising Ilfracombe, but we all know it's only ever been The Chill Bar. My eye…

Great Dorset Steam Fair

To say I have been extremely slack with this blog recently would be a grotesque understatement. In my (rubbish) defence, the last month has been an absolute roller coaster ride, but throughout times like these, there are always a very few constants which keep me going. One of which, of course, is Saints of Sin. (You knew that was coming though, right?)

Which leads me very conveniently out of the above piss poor apology, and into this post.

The Great Dorset Steam Fair has become an annual tradition for my Dad and I since we first visited way back in 2013. Without doing any sort of research, I said "Oh let's give that one a go, it's on my 20th birthday". Under the impression a steam fair based in dorset would probably be not much bigger than a cricket pitch, we hopped in the car and headed on down.

What we were met with...was slightly more than a cricked pitch. For anyone that hasn't been, just to clarify, GDSF now covers over 600 acres, and attracts up to 200,000 vis…

S.O.S. @ The Groves Company Inn, Swindon // 12.08.2017

Some things don't change no matter where the gig is.

One of those things is the...more interesting members of the crowd that come out of the woodwork when their favourite cover comes on. There must be some form of magnet within me that inherently attracts said people to throw their best shapes just millimetres away from me. I should take is as a compliment I guess, right?

Groves Company Inn was no exception to the above rule, as are most local pubs on any given Saturday night, to be truthful. It's the type of venue that goes from chicken wings and football, to a hair metal rock party in seconds - an impressive feat.

This was one of those free entry, two hours solid of S.O.S. madness kinda shows, and I'm not sure what could be more dreamy. (3 hours I suppose? 4?...) Some amazing local sinners, the regulars from further afield and some new members of the family made for an incredible atmosphere.

I'll leave you to peruse a few snaps and some videos which encompass the night v…


I know, I know, there is a 99% chance by the time I hit the "Publish" button on this post it almost definitely isn't Thursday. Call it flashback Friday if you will, Sinning Saturday / Sunday - do you what you like, really, I personally shan't be lying awake at night thinking about it - it's Thursday right now when I'm typing this bit, okay? 

Everyone happy? Good. Then we will begin.

Unsurprisingly, a vast majority of my most memorable nights (or not very memorable after a few drinks) have been Saints of Sin centred. I have reels of videos and photos which have never made it to the surface - some for good reason frankly - I know there are plenty of Mums and Dads reading so we'll keep it PG (I've since rewatched some of said footage and now realise the lie that this will undoubtably become, but I'll be gentle with this first one).

And with this weekend being a gig at Volume 17 at The Brickmakers Norwich which was a bit too far out for my taste, I thoug…

S.O.S. @ Poole Harbour Festival - 29/07/2017

As Sophie said yesterday before the show - Saints of Sin wouldn't be playing a festival if wasn't raining.
And true to form, despite what some may expect for July (it is of course still England), the heavens opened throughout the day. The beauty of Poole Harbour Festival, however, was that this stage was under the cover of a tent. 
A blessing even more so yesterday, as about 3 or 4 cameras were on stage from 3Ms Music filming the set and the crowd. I looked around the tent, and shows like that one - with the crowd packed in like sardines, singing (shouting) every word - feel like S.O.S. headline shows, and you can just about taste the potential in the air.
Amongst the dancing, whooping, hollering and screaming from us all, I also managed to take what I believe to be some of my best S.O.S. photos to date. I'll keep this one short and sweet and leave said photos to do the talking for this one. Also please see the very last photo - can we talk about the new and snazzy merch stan…